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3 Best Practices for Implementing an LMS

Are you thinking about taking the leap to implement a new LMS? That's good. The LMS promises to solve many of your issues, and it's a good idea to have a solution in place. But, does just buying the LMS solve the issues and bring the promised[...]

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Best Practices for Implementing Mobile Learning in Your Organisation

With the increase in adoption of smartphones and penetration of mobile broadband, organisations are now focusing more on mobile learning (M-learning) than ever before. As L&D teams are prioritising learning on the go, there are several factors that[...]

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ICT Curriculum Design Incorporating LMS Literacy

Literacy, beyond the ability to read and right, is defined as ‘knowledge that relates to a specified subject(www.Merriam-Webster.com). For example computer literacy equals the knowledge of how to use a computer or cultural literacy equals[...]

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