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The Benefits of Collaborative Learning in Education and the Workplace


Have you ever worked on a project or assignment with a group of classmates or colleagues? If so, then you've experienced collaborative learning firsthand. Collaborative learning is a teaching and learning approach that involves students[...]

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How to Effectively Use an LMS for Student Engagement and Collaboration

Learning management systems (LMS) are a widely popular and effective tool for delivering online education and facilitating student learning. These platforms provide a central hub for course materials, assignments, and communication, allowing[...]

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LMS: Equipping teachers to create an impact

Learning doesn’t only happen inside the four walls. Thanks to eLearning, there is more to learning beyond the classrooms.

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Common Assessments to work towards a Common Goal

Understanding the need and benefits of Common Assessments

Assessments are a key part of the teaching and learning process. Assessments are designed to either help students learn, or to measure student learning, or both. While teachers design and[...]

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Developing Peer-and Self-Assessment Skills by Leveraging a VLE

At Teamie we are always pleased to hear feedback on how our technology can be leveraged to enhance learning. Learning is, of course, a complex process with many facets and conditions which act to enhance or impede the process. We are thankful that[...]

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Improved Learning Analytics and Feedback in 21st Century Learning

Align curriculum standards and assess Mastery with standards-based grading features in your LMS

One of the most important functions of any learning environment is assisting learners in meeting their goals. Much of this is achieved through[...]

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9 Ways to Promote Personalised Learning and Differentiated Instruction Through Your LMS

Differentiation is a way of teaching or recognising the necessity for many ways of teaching; it’s not a program or package of worksheets. To differentiate teachers must have deep insight into their students’ abilities and learning dispositions so[...]

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Strengthening Home-to-School Connections Through LMS Implementation

When you build a strong connection between home and school, everybody wins. Research shows that when these two worlds are properly connected, students will do better in school, teachers gain self assurance through parental feedback, and parents are[...]

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Teamie LMS Virtual Tour Video

‘Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour! Step right this way!’(Paul McCartney)

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9 Must Have Features of an LMS

What are the emerging trends in the field of Learning Management Systems? How can these be evaluated and applied for their importance or usefulness to your institution? In this blog post we will look at some of the key features of a LMS that you[...]

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