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The Benefits of Collaborative Learning in Education and the Workplace


Have you ever worked on a project or assignment with a group of classmates or colleagues? If so, then you've experienced collaborative learning firsthand. Collaborative learning is a teaching and learning approach that involves students[...]

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Why Should Companies Invest in e-Learning?

e-Learning has the potential to bring positive impacts to the business that are significant for success.

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The Case for Online Trainings

In this era of high-speed internet and smart mobile devices, the need for online training amongst enterprises is constantly on the rise. Both large and small business organizations are starting to move away from their traditional training programs[...]

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How to choose the right LMS for your business

As organisations adapt to the innovation and disruption caused by technology, Learning and Development (L&D) teams are looking to adopt technologies such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) to better manage, deliver and track training at their[...]

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Mobile Learning - Why Learning Never Stops Anymore

Can you imagine a world without smart devices? We simply can’t.

Mobile devices have rapidly changed almost every aspect of our lives. We are not only dependent on them to communicate with each other but also to do our jobs, and even learn.

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5 Learning & Development (L&D) Challenges & Priorities for 2020

End of the year is a good time to reflect and prepare ourselves for the challenges that come next. As industries get disrupted with new technologies, Learning & Development (L&D) professionals need to find ways to keep the organisation and its[...]

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5 Tips for running a successful Blended Learning Course

Blended Learning is an approach that combines online learning with face-to-face classroom learning. Blended Learning courses help learners by giving them the flexibility to learn at their own time and pace, while maintaining some face-to-face[...]

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Is Your Organisation Adapting to Social Learning?

A survey conducted by the Intelligence Group Study revealed that 88% of employees prefer a collaborative work-culture than a competitive one. Primarily this is why most firms are rooting for Social Learning methods in their training programs.

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Learning & Digital — The new L&D for digital transformation

A decade ago or even 5 years ago if someone told you that the L&D (Learning & Development) department can make the company more profitable or help generate new revenue streams, you’d be sure that the person you were talking to was either a very[...]

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Welcome The New Learning Institution - Corporates

Learning has been the domain of schools and colleges/universities, with teachers delivering knowledge and (hopefully) skills to students to prepare them to become productive members of the society, and, for many students, to be ready for the[...]

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