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Mobile Learning - Why Learning Never Stops Anymore

Can you imagine a world without smart devices? We simply can’t.

Mobile devices have rapidly changed almost every aspect of our lives. We are not only dependent on them to communicate with each other but also to do our jobs, and even learn.

According to a recent study; since 2011, media consumption on mobile phones has increased by 504%1. In January 2019, there were 4.42 billion active internet users. The primary reasons behind the sudden increase in mobile usage are reduction in the costs of technology and mobile data. Smartphones are getting better and cheaper while mobile data is at its all-time low in terms of cost per gb in most parts of the world.

While various sectors have taken advantage of this technological advancement, educational technologies and tools are also maturing. This has created ample room for the online learning platforms. Today, if we look at the availability of learning apps for smart devices, it is easy to notice the rising quality of experiences and benefits of the eLearning System.

This is further leveraged not just by institutes but by organisations as well, since close to 60%3 of employees prefer to use the online Learning Management System offered by their respective organisations for training. If the training videos, audios, and podcasts are of bite-size, they increase employees’ engagement and make it easier to retain the information. Successful practices have shown that eLearning has increased productivity by close to 40%4.

But in today’s era, just having a system will not help much but blending it with convenience of offline and mobile training offers best results. This becomes important because millennial employees are more than 50%5 of the workforce globally by the end of 2020. Many organizations have started allowing employees to work from home or remote locations. The approach of using handheld devices for learning and work has also encouraged organizations to introduce concepts like Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). This is where adapting to a modern LMS is beneficial.

That’s not all, Mobile Learning platforms also offer various benefits like:

  • Flexibility & Convenience in the learning environment

Online learning modules made it easier for users to go through lessons as per their schedule. Mobile learning is taking it further and has eliminated the need to be on your desk, and be able to learn while commuting or at home.

  • Better completion and retention rate

As the mobile instructional content is shorter in length and easier to understand, the completion and retention rate is higher. Mobile Learning Platforms nudge the learners through notifications and reminders so that the learners can stay on track of their learning/training goals.

  • Just-in-time Learning

One of the big benefits of mobile learning is the ability to access information and learning resources as and when you need them, leading to a more effective use of training resources. This makes the learning platform more meaningful for the employees, as they can search for information when they need to apply it in their jobs. This shift to just-in-time learning is enabled by mobile learning platforms.

The possibilities with mobile learning are endless. The workforce in every sector is evolving and becoming more tech-savvy. With mobile Learning and Training Management System, organizations can not only improve the performance of the employees but can also provide a flexible work environment for the employees.



1- According to the stats, since 2011, media consumption on mobile phones has increased by 504%.



2- In January 2019, there were 4.4 billion active internet users.


3- close to 60% of employees prefer to use the online Learning Management System offered by their respective organisations for training.


4- The studies have shown that eLearning can help in increasing productivity by close to 40%.


5- As per the reports, millennial employees will cover more than 50% of the workforce on a global scale



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